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The Soulmate Image

Spiritual teachers, philosophers and many other wisdom writers have written about the soul mate image. Not just anyone can fulfil you the way your soul mate will. There’s a world of difference between your soul mate, your heart’s other half and a life partner.  All other people tend to lack the elements to fit you perfectly to you. Your soul mate makes you feel entirely whole, healed and intact, like no piece is missing from the cosmic picture. Nothing is left out. When you look at nature, you learn about division and reunion. The human condition is all about union. In many lifetimes we search for the perfect union. The soul’s journey craves completion. The soul is always speaking to us through the resonance of truth felt within the whole body as love and bliss. So by developing yourself spiritually, you get nearer and nearer to finding the perfect life partner. The constant search for the perfect fit creates true loneliness. One feels like half a human being as nothing can and will create true fulfilment. So the search goes on outside of us, where hopeless feeling comes from our own negativity and focus of attention. As we focus on negative thoughts we will start to attract negative issues within relationships. The gender of male and female also carry inner male and female realities. We have the strongest alpha male women attracting the weakest sensitive man who will break their heart over and over again before the relationship will eventually end in disappointment and a waste of time. Together with the actual outer male and female, it makes it difficult to maintain harmony due to the strong ego of the alpha male women and the weak sensitive male.

All our life experiences where love is concerned are equally supported and challenged to create in us a greater awareness of what could be or what is possible. Limitation creates safety and risk-free actions, but with limitations, life becomes dull and less interesting. As one awaken, one perceives themselves as not alone and separate from their good. Instead, one becomes aware that they are in the process of becoming more. As one awakens through soul connection they start to experience love within their body. One becomes less fearful and their attention and focus on reaching their objectives is their main aim. Daily growth happens when we are equally supported and challenged. The spiritual journey is equally supported and challenged. Since I have started to see that my challenges are God’s good to help me grow and the feeding of love is God’s love encouraging me to believe everything is possible. A new deeper sense of gratitude and understanding enters my mind and is experienced by my heart. This sensitivity allows me to become aware of the ever-growing support and challenges that keep me on the upward path to true awareness. So as one embraces the true path to greater awareness, one sees the good in all relationships as a process to a greater awareness of the principles of what love is.

Circumstances in my life have created a greater awareness of God’s love for me for which I am grateful for. Growth can be hard as we all have to learn to let go and accept all life experiences which are given by the Divine intelligence of God through the Son. Son being the impulse felt within our body as the feeding of love from the intelligence of God at our level of awareness of what love is and the reason for us to experience it in our own body without which life is meaningless. All connections are given to each of us through the “Law of Attraction” and the soul’s desire to find completion in any one lifetime. “Be ye perfect as My Father is in Heaven”, Having focused thoughts that empower your partner and help them grow to be the best version they can become, will create joy and bliss within our own body as that is confirmation of our own soul desire and purpose. Through what causes us to focus on another, our heart and mind blend into wholeness. The interior male or female find the exterior male and female which create wholeness, which is felt within the body as love. Remember, the inner being relates to the guiding spirit within our heart that creates the point of attraction and knows why this connection is happening and why it is necessary for soul growth.

 A life partner, on the other hand, is different, can be a great supporter and can fulfil some of our emotional needs, but if all our emotional needs are not met, our thoughts become dissatisfied and problems begin.  It takes a great deal of understanding and wisdom to then take the next step. As our separate mind will project deficient thoughts about our own imagined thoughts onto the screen of life which will manifest at some time in the future. It becomes limited in his or her capacity to enrich your spirit. For within our hearts are the memory of the bliss and the true knowing of the divine love we all sought. As a spiritual adviser and reader, I come across many relationships and different dynamics occurring within the people that put their trust in me.  All problems stem from the lack of fulfilment together with questions that require answers, which the partner is not ready to talk about. Usually, these are past relationships, where feelings have not been dealt with, The feeling of not being able to be responsible for positive actions that meet the emotional needs of the partner, This creates thought of lack of satisfaction that attract the reason for our mind to create deficient thoughts of unloving nature and cause problems as the emotional needs fail to materialize. This also creates judgments which create a separation of what love is. Love is non-judgmental, unconditional and challenges us to grow. Taking time with relationships develops the soul qualities that will tell us our partner’s emotional needs. As one fulfils their partners emotional needs and truly one goes through soul growth and expansion of consciousness. One develops a greater awareness of what love is. Breaking the partner’s emotional needs creates separation.

Most of us remain in life-partner relationships because we “settle” for less and as time goes on we fall out of love and create great misunderstanding for others. Then the loneliness starts again for a multitude of reasons, particularly because the inner connection of spiritual union cannot be experienced.  Firstly, we may have a real subconscious fear of being alone. Secondly, we cannot settle for less.  Within the grand design we are biologically designed to fall in love, it’s only natural that we pair up in this world. But we sometimes prolong our painful experiences to resent our partner and wish he or she would go, but the thought of loneliness causes attraction and repulsion due to the fluctuation of our thoughts and what we daily focus on through habit. We then experience our project fears coming from the separate mind becoming real. Moment of awareness happens when we become aware that our present partner does not show by actions that they are capable of love. On top of that, they do not meet our emotional needs. The spirit within is starved and we feel alone.

Some relationships are meant to be temporary relationships to release karma but we mistakenly settle into them for good. This creates resentment and judgment about our partner. Then with unloving thoughts, we attract our own created thoughts as our experiences. There are relationships which must last for a certain period of time due to the “Law of Karma”.  Then which, close out a karmic chapter of life, relationships in which we’re meant to have children with our partner, to teach responsibility to them but not necessarily remain with them, and relationships which are just learning to express love outside of self.  One can see relationships are confusing because a melting pot of emotions and the fluctuation of thoughts and feelings within the human condition don’t allow us to see our predestined path. As I read the auras and work with the inner group of Divide teachers, I receive wisdom and truth of every situation which is the perfect reflection of “I Am All That I Am” at my level of awareness, it has be intuitively being given to me to guide and change the consciousness for the support of those who are now awakening into greater awareness of what love is.

As an energy intuitive psychic, being sensitive to spirit “The Inner teacher” working in my thoughts through the confirmation of the resonance of truth felt within my own body wisdom feeds me divine wisdom. I hope this article sheds some new light in a non-judgmental way to solve all your relationship problems and open up to your greater awareness of what love is. My own experience with Divine wisdom is being intuitively given to me for all who desire truth. That fills my heart with joy, bliss and wisdom that I then pass on. The words I write come with knowledge and divine wisdom.  Actual love and awareness of spirit may resonate in your own body wisdom, the becoming your own body wisdom internal experience. Awareness of peace and love may resonate as your truth to shed light into any and all situations. I come across people who are very confused about their love life. I am an experienced reader and work directly with spirit “the inner teacher within my own body wisdom”.  All types of situations and life conditions where couples who are married to their childhood loves, to people in their change of life, or coming up to retirement years who still struggle with commitment and have not learned to meet the partner’s emotional needs. Even those who know nothing about love, who search everywhere but fail to experience love at any level. We all need help and guidance and being here for you is what fills my heart with Divine wisdom and truth. We all fall somewhere between these two extremes, meaning that we experienced several relationships before finding the person we believe to be our perfect pairing.

Know that spiritual growth is the journey, not the ego ideal. If you feel you need a greater understanding of your present relationship, past relationship, or desiring a new relationship then please take up your own spiritual journey It is important that your emotional needs are met and that you realize the point of attraction has been given to you to grow spiritually, emotionally, and with fulfilment and within the dynamics of your relationships that you know what role this person will play in your life. After all, there’s no avoiding the inevitable problems that will attract a certain type of experience. Often there comes a time within all relationships where uncomfortable questions we must ask ourselves require to be answered.

Questions require wise answers. Is this the person for me, or am I too needy and have no boundaries, hence have I become unattractive, not getting my emotional needs met which give rise to creating negative thoughts that I am projecting onto the screen of life? I am discovering they have become my experiences. Our thoughts are constant, giving rise to fluctuations in how we feel. As we harden our hearts, we block love and create resistance to the inner knowing of the spark of God “the Inner Teacher within”. But trusting the inner guidance and not the logic of the separate mind, one is well on their way to finding the true meaning of relationships. It is by trusting our own sensitivity to the Inner Teacher felt within that our own body, the wisdom of the soul, which leads to Divine bliss, a wisdom that one becomes more love. This allows for the sharing of love which is a universal thought pattern based on belief and feeling of what type of behaviour I will accept.  Or did I settle too quickly into a relationship with someone who can never meet my emotional needs, or create within me the inner connection of the bliss that I was meant to have?

Our individualized self-consciousness is at the core of your being.  To harmonize the activity of the individual consciousness with universal consciousness meditation is advised. By merging the heart and mind together and at the same time taking guidance from what you know which communicates the potentialities of what could exist, will start to manifest. This leads to harmony of thoughts and feelings, which will create frequencies which will result in right action and deed. Thoughts are the power that moves everything. As one feels an expansion of the impulse of love from the harmony of thoughts and feelings one’s own body wisdom confirms the creations of what one desires. This resonance of truth is divine bliss and comes with an expansion of consciousness. Creativity and actual potential of what could exist become possible now as co creations have been acknowledged. The objective, subjective balance will manifest the perfect ideas.

Change will only come by focus attention on intent, which will be energized by the feelings generated by action. It is now wise to take action. Growth can only take place when you dissociate from closed and limiting beliefs through meditation. Meditation allows dissociation and analysis of new wisdom which will expand your consciousness and identity. With self-inquiry, we knock at the door of a new perception. By being focused and opened mind to new perceptions. Through the quickening and awakened astral center of the spine, the subtle Kundalini often called the serpent force rises up through the body bringing the individual to a state of consciousness of Knowing. This inner knowing will resonate within the heart and whole body. To love self fully is a beautiful and ecstatic act of knowing. Trusting the feelings and the guidance moment to moment will create harmony between thoughts and feelings.

By embracing your soul wisdom, your focus of attention switches to positive constructive thought. As you embrace new perceptions and new discoveries, you become empowered with innovative virgin ideas. Set beliefs make it nearly impossible to change our belief systems. Our foolish investment in beliefs, bonds us to the same frequency and vibration. Thus, our point of attraction causes error. Our lives are built on the wrong foundation and will continually run deep in the subconscious.

By: Thomas McAuliffe

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