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Hallmarks of Focus

If one stand back from the screen of life, one will noticed that our focused of attention is based on egotistical conflict where one sees themselves as separate from all “That Is”. The simple fact is, our minds are the stage where we are entertained by the diversity of false egotistical conflicts as a form of entertainment. From the first time we start to observe life at the very young age, we are lead into the trap of the ego. Our focused of attention is blindly lead into absorbing false truth, which is accepted by the subconscious mind as our truth.

Our true consciousness is denied and the destruction of truth of the child of spirit begins. No longer do we get to know the inner Christ consciousness within, so we do not develop the ability to access our true power. Instead, we create a destructive consciousness as the false anti-Christ is given power and hides from us our true reality as co-creator of father-mother God of all That Is. If we look at the lies and the falsehood perception that are carried out in the name of relaxation and a sense of being who we are, TV films, plays, media materials which keep our attention and bond us to the limitation of who we have become. It would be better to focus our imagination and use the power of our wisdom and rise above who we are now to become our future selves where love, peace and joy are our focused. Not only is our attention firmly on a destructive conscious form which when seeded within our consciousness create feelings which we claim as our own and misinterpret the guidance within this feeling that are produced within our body.

We have allowed our focused and attention to be consistently diverted to watching and filling our minds with entertainment that desensitized the mind allowing the emotional fears and subsequent vibrational frequencies to become real within our lives. Just take a brief look at our media and our focused that is directed to it on a daily basis. Now, ask the question “Why do we give so much power to what invested interest want to keep our attention on?” Taking into account the “Law of Attraction” what you habitually focused on you invite into your co-creator mind by your attention to it. There is little doubt that someone in your community or country will be experiencing the very same situation as real. Remember, what you watched on TV or what you focused on TV is implanted into your subconscious mind as real. Now I have a question for you and is simply this, “Why do we ask people aspiring to know love, to be love and to express love, allow our attention to be consistently kept on full gross mental heavy ideas or pictures, story lines and concepts that create fear.

We, as people are in the midst of a paradigm shift in consciousness. A time is coming when people will rise up with one voice to not support such horrific, disgraceful use of imagination and instead realize that what we focused on, we give invitation to expand ideas, concepts, ideologies that come into our lives and create fear, pain, anguish, distress and these visit us and our children. In my article called “Body Wisdom”. In that article, I was stating that it would be wise to listen to your own body wisdom within the silence as you meditate. I have found that the ability to communicate with your own body wisdom gives you the advantage to utilize greater wisdom than the conscious mind has to offer. The conscious mind offers data, at best other people data that you accept as truth. So the question I have for you today is “Do you really know who you are?” also “Have you ever tried to find out who you are?”. If you decide to ask this question, I would ask you not to ask somebody else but to ask your inner self within the silence. Before I started my own spiritual journey, I was confused to the distinction to be discovered between the ego and the real self. In the beginning of my journey, I studied a book called “A Course on Miracles”, it was the first step to lasting freedom. This first step allowed me to adjust my mind set. After many years of studying the course, certain realization started to take place within my life. So I meditated on the following questions for several weeks.

Question: What is the primal distinction to be discovered between “one’s real-self” and the ego? In other words, who is the “real self”? The next question I asked was; if everything is an illusion, what was real and authentic? So if one keeps their focus on the illusion, the illusion get bigger and more real. So I felt that such a view can’t really escape dualism at all. This is where I saw and experience conflict within myself. Now for me conflict was evidence of lack of true peace and a degrading of what real love is. I know the real love is all encompassing so I choose not to be stuck in contradiction. So with meditation, I expanded my consciousness and accelerated my awakening which opened other spiritual gates to the vastness of my soul. Then the soul through the Christ-consciousness allowed me to awaken and understand my life purpose and divine nature. So it becomes necessary to awaken from the dream of the dreamer itself. “The mind has the choice about what it chooses to think of what is reality. But what about what I feel? By focus attention and meditation on everything through the belief of metaphysical conclusion that “it all unreal” creates false reality. I am very much fused to a dream made by an internal sense of the dreamer.

What about the real reality of love? This then allow me to ask, how could love be a dreamer? For love is not separate. Love is real. With this realization, I felt a presence a strange feeling of love was experienced within my body. (This truth set me free). I realized that a belief created by the conscious mind which is based on fear and is the corner stone of what is seen and felt is not real or illusion was erroneous. The fact that we state that object, people, things and experience or ideas are illusions will always that draw our focus to them, which expands them and it does become a reality through “The Law of Attraction” (What you believe and expect is).

The strong possibility of finding peace is before you. This journey is achievable, for I am in the process of it. The NEXT STEP is yours. You can experience these same divine truths within yourself. If you would like to read more, I refer you to the previous article that I wrote “Embracing Peace”.

The whole world is in the progress of an awakening to a new reality of our true being. There is a light emerging from within everybody’s heart. This light is the light of the world and announcing an inner teacher or presence which is in the progress of birthing a new consciousness and at the same time preparing each of us for a paradigm shift. Our focused of attention will begin to shift from what we presently pay attention to. We will start to support a new understanding of how the world really operates and this understanding will emerge as truth.

Thought patterns that become permanent do not allow for new perceptions and discoveries. By only depending on the conscious mind which stores data that is obsolete we ignore our superior mind (Christ mind). This limits us from accessing the super conscious mind which is available to all. This super conscious mind gives access to all who attain the awareness within themselves of their oneness to all that is. So it is little wonder when we have a resistance to change our beliefs, ideologies and our accepted truths that any new wisdom emerges. Resistance to change keeps false assumption as our truth and limits our power. It used to be said that knowledge was power, but what is now taking place is wisdom. For what is knowledge without wisdom? One must know what to do with the knowledge that one has acquired and one must utilized this knowledge for all.

As children growing up, we accepted truth from those people who we depended on such as parents, brothers and sisters and closed relatives. Our truth was clouded by their beliefs and their habitual pattern of thoughts, which we generally accepted as our own without ever testing. Recently there has been published new article relating to how the mind works. It is now generally accepted by the visionary community of innovative and new thinkers that reality is a by product of our beliefs, attitudes, habits and what we pay attention to. With this new understanding, it beholds us to redefine our habitual patterns of thought and ideas based on our own perception. Empirical data is not enough. New perceptions and new discoveries always change the paradigm of our beliefs system in which we operate. In some point in our lives we are faced with certain challenges which create a desire for new wisdom. With new discoveries and perceptions we are able to overcome particular blockages. You must remember that modern science is now looking at reality creating as a product of our unconscious and subconscious beliefs manifesting as our truth.

Mass mind reality creation is the collective level where the whole world is at as a whole. But there is an individual level of consciousness which can be developed and improved. This type of consciousness is developed by meditation and mastering your thought and associated feeling. The more people that engaged in the practice of meditation and developing within their own consciousness a knowing that we are all from the same source called LOVE. Our focused of attention will not choose to entertain thoughts, ideas, ideologies, beliefs that create fear instead our focused of attention will demand with one voice that we stop creating deficient thoughts through our books, films, plays and entertainment in general. Instead our entertainment and our focused and attention will incorporate ideas, ideologies and beliefs that instil peace, joy and freedom. We will elect politician that create a focused on joy, peace and freedom. At the moment, our TV depicts violence which acts within our subconscious mind and bonds us to attracting these into our very own lives. Remember, our newspapers, all our media keeps our attention bonded to the concept of imperfection and creates the vibration of fear.

For example, our minds are bombarded with violence, death, pain, guilt, torture and explicit behaviour that create fear and lodges within our body system at the core of our being. This bonds us to the limitation and imperfection that we presently have and creates a continuance for more of the same that gives invitation for more of the same to come in to our lives and the lives of our children. So would be wise to start focused on the higher form of entertainment, ideologies and perceptions which is love, joy and peace.

God is coming into the world in a new way. He will reveal himself in all of us as we are all in the Diamond Heart of God where all facets are of the one substance called Love. All are equal and all have equal potential to manifest heaven on earth. We have free will to not focus on deficient ideas and thoughts which were introduced into the world from the beginning of time. “I am All That I Am” lives within us and through our being. We are starting to conduct His power all around us. God is Love, Wisdom and Truth and you will know the manifestation of the Christ within your own consciousness by these virtues.

There is nothing greater than love; wisdom and truth for these principles is the cornerstone of developing Christ consciousness within you. God’s love brings forth life, His wisdom brings forth light and His truth brings forth freedom that destroys fear. It would be wise to merge with the love nature of God being, as without merging we create separation which leads to fear. The path we walk in life leads only to love and when we are filled with God’s love our bodies becomes shining, majestic and invincible. To support this paradigm shift, it would be wise to start your own spiritual journey so you are ready to receive within your own knowing and own consciousness the knowing that you are one with all life and “all that is” and that your very nature is LOVE.

By: Thomas McAuliffe

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