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Heart or Mind or Maybe Both, Dealing With Doubt

Doubt is about the fear of being wrong. Doubt is also about not trusting your new understanding and the experiences that colour your belief and what you have accepted as truth.

The conscious mind without awareness of spirit tends to accept the egos ideal of being alone, isolated and separate. This creates negative thoughts which are then projected on to the screen of life through our own free will, while not known that our thoughts will manifest as our experiences to teach us our lessons that we reincarnated to learn. Accepting that we are alone creates the ideas that we are not safe in which we lose our trust in our good to manifest. Once fear takes hold in our separate mind, our life experiences get diluted down and fear blocks our true desires. With the onset of fearful thoughts, particularly those accepted as truth we tend to analyze and judge data using our past experiences. This validates to the subconscious mind that we accept false evidence as truth without testing any new awareness or perception revived from the intelligence of the emotional awareness felt through the resonance of truth felt within the body.  

We used the process of thinking, planning, making judgement and using references of past fears and doubts which are accepted as truth but may not be true, as truth changes with new discoveries, experiences from our memory to determine truth. Whether good or bad experiences, the mind holds them in our memory and accepts them as truth. So where does fear and doubt come from? Fearful thoughts stored in the subconscious mind and allowed to replay false evidence appearing real dilute down our expected life experiences due to the “Law of Attraction”. In other words, what one gives their attention and focus to, will manifest as their experiences. Our own self-created thoughts of lack of trust in our good lead to worry, doubt and eventually feeling blocked which leads to indecision. When we, as individuals, seem and act with fear, the feelings of fear distort truth. 

Guilt from past action bonds us to self-punishment which allows ideas of being wrong or being not good enough that we deserve some type of punishment to accept imperfection as an accepted truth. Instead of accepting that we are perfect just as our original blueprint was created. In fact these feelings come from the spirit self, as it does not agree with your focus or your self-talk coming from the conscious mind. Its awareness that you do not want what you are co-creating through your thoughts, feelings and focus. These feelings are guidance from within our being that the thoughts that we are focusing on are deficient and that they will manifest in your life as we are co-creators with “All That Is”.  So our heart prompts us in one direction and the fearful mind prompts us in another direction out of fear. Hence we have two masters. Some point in the future the mind will furnish us with the stored thought which will be triggered with certain feelings of fear. Our bonding to these old feelings will keep attracting the same outcome through the “Law of Attraction”. Thought patterns that become permanent do not allow for new perceptions and discoveries.

By only depending on the conscious mind which stores data that is obsolete we ignore our superior mind (Christ mind). This limits us from accessing the super conscious mind which is available to all. This super conscious mind gives access to all who attain the awareness within themselves of their oneness to all that is.  So it is little wonder when we have a resistance to change our beliefs, ideologies and our accepted truths that any new wisdom emerges. Resistance to change keeps false assumptions as our truth limits our power. It used to be said that knowledge was power, but what is now taking place is wisdom. For what is knowledge without wisdom? One must know what to do with the knowledge that one has acquired and one must utilize this knowledge for all.

So how can we let these feelings and deficient thoughts deprived us from the love that we truly are. The process to successfully release old thoughts and associated feelings is called meditation. For difficult thought patterns buried deep in the subconscious mind, particularly childhood trauma held in the pain of the body. One can use affirmations or prayer treatments. Meditation will create greater mental clarity. It will also give you the ability to dissociate from what is no longer working in your life or damaging your life experiences. After meditating for a while you will develop proficiency and be able to have the advantage point from where you will become aware of your own thoughts and associated feelings as they arise in your daily activities. You will see and be aware of what sets off the trigger that creates fear or how you react to a given situation or to certain ideas or individual concepts. This gives you the opportunity to let go the past and move on to create new opportunities.

This gives you the upper hand and allows you to use wisdom to think things through. Meta-physicians and mystics seem to understand what consciousness is, but to the broader community, it remains very limited. It is to this group of people who I am addressing this “pearl of wisdom” to.
Since I am a mystic and have been all my life, I would like to address the shortfall of information that is available for those who now seek truth. The word consciousness has been clearly misunderstood by the vast population of the world. Consciousness has been defined by the dictionary “as awareness by the mind of itself and awareness of the world around itself”. This awareness is based on the five senses of touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste but it does not take into account other perceptions which have been developed by psychics, meta-physicians and mystics.

When I first started studying metaphysics and mysticism, I was always looking at the other side of the equation of life. My daily background was in Science, mostly Biology, Chemistry and Fine Sciences. So I came from a practical logical background. But I was always drawn to people who were like teachers for me who encouraged my deep analytical mind to develop greater means of understanding and analyzing what consciousness was. I came across another definition of what consciousness was from a paper I read by a British psycho physiologist Cecil Maxwell Cade (1918-1984). He had actually developed a new way to measure consciousness. This new method is called “Electroencephalogram or EEG readings”.

The paper goes on to say that “there are five observable levels of consciousness” for which I can vouch for through my own experience. But that study is now obsolete. But for the purpose of this discussion we will briefly review it. For this study, it was decided to observe experienced mediators, for they have achieved various other levels of awareness. These five levels of consciousness were recorded as going from the awakened state to deep meditation state and beyond. They are described as what follows.

1) Dream State or dream sleep state – This awareness does not take into account any awareness from the external world. This awareness is associated as coming from the internal imagination of the recipient. So “who or what” is the observer. .
2) The next state is called Hypnotic – This state of awareness happens between the awakened state and the half asleep state. Within this awareness you are aware of the external world, but also the semi-consciousness of the dream sleep state.
3) The Fully Awaken State – your full awareness is on the world and your focus is the world around you.
4) The Meditative State – where one has withdrawn their awareness from the external environment and are perceiving perceptions from within the core of their being.
5) The fifth state is the Awaken Mind – This state of awareness is experienced only by experienced mediators. This is where one is able to maintain awareness of both the self and the internal awareness of the awareness of the all environments.

On inspection, the results shows vast differences between the different states of awareness particularly between the awaken state of everyday awareness to that of the awakened mind. Cade’s overall research was an eye opener to those people particularly Scientist and Physicist who were looking for evidence of data and proof of the benefit of meditation. Cade’s results also showed that beta wave content was balanced over the two brains hemisphere. This suggested that there was a balanced between the left brain and right brain. So it was obvious that the best most productive and highest level of consciousness and brain functionality cannot be achieved in the awaken state. Just look what Albert Einstein did and said I can remember the exact quote but if goes something like this – “the intelligence that created the problem, cannot solve the problems, and the only way is to shed new light on the subject”. New light is everyday been shed on what consciousness is, from Meta physicians and other innovative Scientist and healers.

As a meta physician, mystic and a healer I believed and know that there is no separation from existence but that which the mind accept as true. Also, I now introduce to these five levels of consciousness a sixth state. This state of consciousness is called “Self-Mastery in Christ Consciousness“. This is the state of consciousness that Jesus shared with the world over 2000 years ago. Within this state of consciousness, the recipient interacts at the diamond heart awareness level of awareness with the materialization of invisible beings through thoughts, feelings and the actual momentarily materialization into form, which can be seen by the material eye both internally and externally. Para-psychological studies had been recorded as well as telepathic experiences also clairvoyance and clairaudience by many prominent scientists. There are many prominent Doctors and Scientists forging a path with new and innovative discoveries. Also many such studies on pre-cognition, psychometrics, astral projection, dream analysis and communication with animals and other life forms are easily found on the internet.

I have spoken to many people who have had these experiences and have shared them with me. All of them had revealed to me a vast amount of wisdom. More and more people in this present age are experiencing higher levels of consciousness which vary from individual to individual. Just as there are only five levels of consciousness which can be proven by the Scientific measurement there are many more levels of consciousness to be discovered. Jesus said, “In my Fathers there are many mansions”. In order to gain perception into these levels of consciousness, one would be wise to prepare to give up self (ego), as self does not exist as a separate entity outside of the mind of infinite consciousness. One has to choose to lose oneself to find one’s true self.

This true self is a Christ Being of infinite love and power and is there to be realized by all. When one receives conscious contact with own Christ Self or I Am Presence, one is attuned to the higher spiritual vibration of love. Up to now most of us have been broken and taken apart and have experienced deep separation from love. But now as the awakening is taking place, people are starting to realize that to be broken and lost is the only way to find our true self. Our work or task was to integrate our egos with our true self, the Christ Being. All can be forgiven if there is no concept of sin or guilt. Jesus knew this when He said “Your sins are forgiven”. The awakening has taken place as the perfect love which is the perfect idea is now birthing and manifesting. This will facilitate a new consciousness of love for all who focus and search for truth. Love dissolves all fears. When this realization takes place, which is the perfect idea that you are the Immaculate Concept of Father Mother God, also unique, truth set you free. When this takes place within your conscious mind, you put on the mind of Christ and this is accompanied by a massive spiritual experience of ecstasy of ever new bliss. You will feel this within your heart. This will be a conscious communion taken place with spirit. After which further awakening will take place and greater wisdom will be followed by new knowledge of one’s true self. All will start to receive love feedings as the diamond river of light brings to recipient Diamond Heart awareness. This begins the recipient’s task to move into the sixth state which I call The Self Mastery in Christ Consciousness.

In Cade time this state was not measurable, but now major breakthroughs are well on their way. All will start to receive stronger feedings of love, peace and joy. These love feedings will grow in magnitude and length. At first gradually then as the conscious mind accepts the truth, the feelings will gather great momentum. As the mind starts to receive wisdom, confirmation will be recognized by feedings of ecstasy and joy and the recipient will be left in no doubt of the unconditional love of our Father Mother God. These feelings of love will come with inter heart awareness; this is a trans-formative process which I call “Diamond Heart Awareness”. After persistent and deliberate focus, the person or people who are attuned to the level of spirit will develop self-authority in all levels of their lives. This will eliminate guilt, fear and worry allowing us to live in the moment in joy.

This level of self-authority will allow all who practice self-mastery in Christ consciousness to heal influences and entities of the lower levels of vibration. As a prayer therapist I work directly with spirit to remove blocks and old beliefs systems that my clients wish to let go. All these thoughts have created fear and doubt within the separate mind. I realized that I was an individual expression of my parents “Father Mother God of all that is” so too is all life. As an individual expression, there was an impulse to be co -creative and to express “All That I Am”. I started to realize that certain desires were planted within my soul by Father Mother God of all that is to share with all who seek new awareness. The desire that spirit plants in our souls are our talents. All that is, is dynamic therefore we are dynamic beings who wish to express our unique talents for the good of all. But fear and bonding to fear represses our through expression of life. Bonding takes place by what we habitually focus on and keep us limited. So it is little wonder that we stay bonded to a limited life.

What is it in us that keeps us believing that we are limited beings? The Christ in you see you as perfect, but you do not agree, due to your life experiences. So you judge your talents and gifts as less and fail to deliver them to the world. Our souls are pure and beyond beauty, but with our attachment to fear, and our focus kept on fear, we are not enough. So deficient thoughts and associated feelings keeps us bonded to the life we have. It would be wise to eliminate fear, worry and doubt by not giving it energy.

“All That Is” (Source) call it God or any name you like but do get to know it. The means in which you will be supported and guided is called meditation. Meditation increases the activity of the pituitary gland and also opens more of your brain to a new level of consciousness. It allows you to accept within your truth the invisible power that you possess and allows you access your true nature which in turn creates a knowing of “Who you really are”. You are the consciousness of all that is which is all expanding, all knowing, all loving source. Your empowerment will come from the awareness of loving all things without judgment and accepting what is. Remember, you are constantly changing and perceiving new discoveries and levels of awareness. “ALL That Is” is expanding and ever evolving by your partnership. Each of us represents a unique perception of divine reality. Therefore; truth does not exist, truth is always expanding and changing.

Not realizing that we are the prodigal children of God and Goddess and all we have to do is choose to contact home. Our work is to realize this fact. Our inheritance is our divine inner loving, all powerful nature. It is only when we remember our true nature and start acting with this knowing that we bring heaven to earth. This knowing of our unconditional loving nature allows us to have a relationship with God. As we are fully conscious of whom we are. By making meditation your work on a daily basis, you learn consciously to lift the soul in bondage from body consciousness into the divine presence of God.

I was a prodigal soul wandering in consciousness of only matter but now I am doing the work of meditation and self-discipline and have been graciously been given a small glimpse of the infinite presence that I am. Now I am blessed as I truly feel the presence all around me. With this support and guidance I am in the process of practicing non attachment and unconditional love. Hopefully I will gain more wisdom and knowledge of God’s Love. On a practical note how does one deal with fearful thoughts and negative thoughts that are buried in the subconscious mind? Good question which needs answers. I am outlining the concepts for you to discover for yourself no matter at what level of consciousness you are at now.

You are not your fearful thoughts and you do not need to act on your fear, but you do need to know what opportunity is present as fear enters the separate mind. Know fear creates indecision and doubt which leads to no action. Without action nothing changes and one becomes powerless.

Adopt a discernment mind by discerning what thoughts are useful for you to focus on, let go of what no longer serves you .This give you the capability of knowing what is right or wrong for you eliminating fear and doubt about your pending act. For there is a tendency to not act which results in nothing changing.

Change your attitude and focus of attention, what happened in the past, let go and embrace the future with new confidence. Be gentle with yourself; forgive yourself for bad decisions of the past so you can be present in this NOW moment. Know that you are a work in progress.

By: Thomas McAuliffe

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